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Kanta Yamaguchi

--- After graduating from university, business at AEON, the management department experience

---Worked for Intel Corporation in the United States at Intel Japan

  Finance in the management department, SAP, etc.

​  Work on the development and introduction of large-scale systems.


---General Manager of Finance and Accounting Department at Apple Japan


---Established 80's Cafe, a language cafe in Akihabara


---General Manager of Finance and Accounting Division at Symantec Japan


---Established We Learn Co., Ltd. in August 2019

As just a chapter of your life,

We hope you enjoy it at our company.

A variety of friends are waiting here for you.

We look forward to your application.

The purpose of starting a business is to assign them as a team and create a place for each to play an active role.
I was at a GAFA company for many years and had also worked in Silicon Valley and the United Kingdom.
I enjoy achieving my goals with a variety of colleagues abroad, and I am still studying in the field.


Full support for IT / language qualifications such as Salesforce certification and TOEIC
As the company name WeLearn implies, we are a company that respects the will to learn.
All official TOEIC and Salesforce qualifications that will definitely be useful in the future are supported by the company.
Every three years, all employees also have study trips in Silicon Valley and visit the Grand Canyon.


As a former Apple employee, returning from Silicon Valley two years ago, I started a business.
The company was established with Apple stock options received from Steve Jobs, I also run a popular language cafe in Akihabara, open for 12 years, where I have been teaching English as a volunteer.

We are looking forward to your application.
Although it is an engineering-centred company, anyone who is willing to learn is welcome to apply.

Message from the CEO

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