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Employment information

Our Work Style at We Learn

Work style

Remote work

Training system

​Work balance

Language cafe

---  Full training program!

---  Training in Silicon Valley

   (3 years after joining the company)

- TOEIC and Salesforce qualification fees are covered by the company

--- Headquarters work is flexible,

   Full remote work

--- In principle, project work can also be remote

--- Work anywhere in Japan

   Creating an environment where you can

--- complete a five-day workweek (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays rest)

   120 days or more of annual holidays

--- Monthly average overtime hours

   Almost all less than 20 hours

---  In Akihabara, which has been going on for over 10 years

---   Popular language cafe management

--- Make real friends in a place popular with foreigners

---   You can also find a partner.

Recruit information / features
Job Description

---  Requirements definition, design, development, testing, as a leader or candidate leader

   Support in each phase such as operational support

---  Salesforce implementation full cycle support Small to long-term large projects

---  Put into a wide variety of Salesforce projects

Our Company Policy 

---  Team assignments almost 100%

--- English assignment 90%

--- Salesforce support 90%

--- In-house project

Application requirements

---  Educational background is not required
---  Those who have Salesforce introduction or development or work experience (half a year ~)

---  Experience in developing and introducing business systems such as Salesforce / SAP

   Engineer / system consultant

---  Experience in Java design and development

---  Experience in designing and developing with Apex

---  Javascript, Python, VBA, Excel (including macros),

   Experienced and experienced in programming and applications such as Word

---  Those who are interested in selecting and developing a development platform for new projects

---  Engineer beginners are welcome

(You will receive our default training program)


---  Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
---  Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
---  Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultants and above are welcome if you have a Salesforce credential.


[Language used]

---  Salesforce

---  Apex

---  JavaScript


---  Salesforce setting and development experience (Apex, VisualForce)

---  Salesforce medium / large scale development experience

---  Web application development experience (JQuery, JavaScript work experience)

---  Salesforce Certified Administrator

---  Salesforce Certified Platform Application Builder

---  Salesforce Certified Platform Developer

Application method

---  Annual income up to 12 million yen

--- Determine in consideration of experience and skills.

Basic current salary + 10%

(Example) 3 to 5 years up to 8 million,

               5 years up to 10 million

--- Includes 20 hours of fixed overtime (50,000 to 300,000 yen)

(Many leave the office on time except during the busy season)

--- Expenses will be paid separately

--- There is a trial period of 3 months

(There is no difference in treatment, and all past employees are regular employees)

--- There are performance based incentives

---  We will contact you shortly after entry from "Inquiries" at the bottom.

   Please enter your email address and mobile phone number.

---  When applying by phone:

   090-8170-5089 (Yamaguchi), please contact us.

Online interviews are also available


Please feel free to contact us.

The transmission is complete.

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